Brickworks Launches its Hydrogen Feasibility Study
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Brickworks Launches its Hydrogen Feasibility Study

From its very earliest days, Brickworks Building Products has committed to investing in the latest manufacturing technologies to contain costs and improve productivity and product quality.

Today, that same commitment is being applied to lowering the carbon intensity of our operations and building a sustainable future. We are doing this by implementing energy efficiency opportunities and investing in the transition to the hydrogen fuel economy.

Brickworks has partnered with Murdoch University – leaders in renewable energy research, to investigate the transition to the hydrogen fuel economy through the ‘Brickworks Hydrogen Feasibility Study’. The study will span over two years, and will explore the use of hydrogen as a kiln fuel in the manufacture of clay bricks, through desktop and lab-scale trials.

Brickworks Launches its Hydrogen Feasibility Study Team photo

Left to Right: Russell James (General Manager Business Development West, ATCO), Brett Mariano (Quality and Research Manager, Brickworks), Justin De Man (Graduate Engineer, Austral Bricks), Robert Coltrona (Business Development Manager, ATCO), David Johnson (General Manager, Austral Bricks WA), Jessica French (Environment & Sustainability Manager, Brickworks), Furat Dawood (Research Assistant, Murdoch), Dr. John Ruprecht (Associate Professor, Murdoch), Dr. Martin Anda (Academic Chair of Environmental Engineering, Murdoch).

Brickworks kicked off its Hydrogen Feasibility Project in December, inviting representatives from Murdoch University’s Environmental Engineering Team and ATCO to a site tour of Austral Bricks Cardup.

Hydrogen is expected to play a key role in the decarbonisation of sectors such as the replacement of natural gas. Renewable hydrogen, produced through electrolysis from water using renewable electricity can provide industry with emission-free energy. As a large gas user, this fuel may help Brickworks to meet its greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets.

Brickworks Launches its Hydrogen Feasibility Study team photo

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