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Brickworks launches Philadelphia Design Studio


Brickworks opens first North American Design Studio in Philadelphia

As the world’s leading and most diverse building material manufacturer, Brickworks Building Products is thrilled to announce the Grand Opening of our first North American Design Studio located in Philadelphia. This is Brickworks’ seventh design studio, adding to the six located throughout Australia.

The modern studio offers the architectural and design community a premium design experience where they can collaborate on projects, select from a broad product portfolio of high-end, stylish bricks, and host or attend industry and networking events.

“We’re incredibly thrilled to debut our first North American Brickworks Design Studio in Philadelphia to meet the contemporary style needs of today’s architects and designers,” said Mark Ellenor, President, Brickworks North America.

“An increasing number of design-focused professionals are choosing brick because of its limitless creative potential. Available in a variety of colours, textures, sizes and shapes, brick is a multi-dimensional building material that can add history and personality to any project.”

Located at 1319 Walnut Street, the new Philadelphia Design Studio is a stunning 3,500 square foot space on the first floor of the Witherspoon building, which is known for its distinctive architectural details. Architects, developers and other trade professionals have endless design possibilities with both traditional brick products to modern, sleek colours and high-end Venetian glass brick.

Inspired by Philadelphia’s old-world charm, the retail space also features products that are synonymous with the city, including authentic handmade brick and Cushwa premium wood moulded brick. In addition to Glen-Gery’s wide range of clay and stone products, products from our exclusive distributors such as La Paloma and San Selmo will also be on display for viewing at the Design Studio.

The Design Studio will also offer customised services to a range of industry and consumer groups, such as architects, commercial and home builders, and consumers. Our Design Studio team will provide expert consultations to architects and consumers who are embarking on new building or renovation projects to add convenience and clarity to the product selection process.

Brickworks will also host regular educational events and informative presentations at the Design Studio. The Studio’s events team will oversee the expansion of Brickworks’ acclaimed events to North America, where esteemed speakers will have the opportunity to educate and engage industry professionals about designing with brick.

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