Continuous Disclosure

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Brickworks is committed to keeping shareholders informed about our activities.

We aim to provide relevant information to shareholders in a timely manner which is supported by our Continuous Disclosure Policy.

We are committed to the objective of promoting investor confidence and the rights of investors by:

  • complying with the continuous disclosure obligations imposed by law;
  • ensuring that company announcements are presented in a factual, clear and balanced way;
  • ensuring that investors have equal and timely access to material information concerning Brickworks; and
  • communicating effectively with investors and making it easy for them to participate in general meetings.

The Continuous Disclosure Policy outlines corporate governance measures adopted by Brickworks to further its commitments. It applies to all directors, as well as officers, employees and consultants of Brickworks.

Brickworks has established a Disclosure Committee to manage Brickworks’ compliance with its disclosure obligations and this Policy. The Disclosure Committee must be kept informed by management of disclosure related issues. Disclosure and materiality guidelines are provided to all officers and relevant employees to assist them to understand the type of information that may potentially be price sensitive and when to refer any matter or event which may need to be disclosed to a member of the Disclosure Committee.

All Brickworks employees are required to undertake annual training on the Continuous Disclosure Policy through an on-line learning platform. Completion of the module is tracked and reported internally.

Click here for the Brickworks Continuous Disclosure Policy.

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