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Brickworks has a Securities Trading Policy.   A summary of the main principles of the Brickworks Securities Trading Policy are outlined below.

  • All directors and employees and Connected Persons (being spouses, partner or minor children or dependants or a company or trust that that a director or employee or such connected persons control) are prohibited from dealing in Brickworks Limited securities while in possession of inside information regarding Brickworks.
  • In addition to the other restrictions contained in the Securities Trading Policy Directors, members of the Executive Team, their Executive Assistants or Specified Employees are required to follow additional notification and procedures as follows:
    • trading Brickworks’ securities during permitted trading windows only being:
      • within six weeks after the date of release of Brickworks’ half-year results announcement to ASX commencing at 10.00am on the next trading day after the half-year results announcement;
      • within six weeks after the date of release of Brickworks’ full-year results announcement to ASX commencing at 10.00am on the next trading day after the full-year results announcement;
      • within four weeks after the date of release of Brickworks’ AGM commencing at 10:00am on the next trading day after the AGM; or
      • the rights trading period during which retail holders of Brickworks’ shares may sell rights to subscribe for securities offered by Brickworks under a rights issue.
    • giving prior notification to Brickworks before trading the shares in Brickworks.

In exceptional circumstances, Executive Team members, their Executive Assistants or Specified Persons may trade outside these windows, providing they obtain written approval from the Chair respectively prior to trading. Exceptional circumstances can include severe financial hardship and the requirement to comply with a legal or regulatory requirement.

  • This Policy does not restrict participation in:
    • Brickworks’ employee share plans;
    • a Brickworks dividend reinvestment plan; or
    • Brickworks security purchase plans available to all retail shareholders,

In accordance with the rules of the relevant plan and the terms of any offer.

  • The requirements of the Policy do not apply to and do not restrict participation in:
    • the acquisition of Brickworks’ securities through a pro-rata rights issue;
    • the disposal of Brickworks’ securities through the acceptance of a takeover offer;
    • dealings where there is no effective change in the beneficial owner (such as a transfer to a family trust or to a self-managed superannuation fund);
    • the obtaining by a director of a share qualification set out in the directors letter of offer; and
    • indirect and incidental trading that occurs as a consequence of a dealing in securities issued by a managed investment scheme, listed investment company, exchange traded fund or similar investment vehicle that is managed by a third party and that happens to hold as part of its portfolio securities in the entity.
  • Speculative dealing in Brickworks’ securities such as dealing for a short-term gain is prohibited at all times.
  • Short selling or in dealing through contracts for difference or derivatives linked specifically to Brickworks’ securities is prohibited.
  • Entering into any stock borrowing or margin loan arrangement in relation to security holdings in Brickworks, transferring securities in Brickworks into an existing margin loan account and selling securities in Brickworks to satisfy a call pursuant to a margin loan is prohibited.

All Brickworks employees are required to undertake annual training on the Securities Trading Policy through an on-line learning platform. Completion of the module is tracked and reported internally.

Click here for Brickworks Securities Trading Policy.

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