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Consistent with our commitment to act fairly, with honesty and integrity Brickworks has a Whistleblower Policy and has implemented BeHonest@Brickworks, an anonymous whistleblower service delivered by Deloitte.

The purpose of the Whistleblower Policy is to support our Code of Conduct and is designed to provide a mechanism which encourages concerns to be raised about misconduct or an improper state of affairs or circumstances or any other behaviour which is inconsistent with any of the Group’s culture, values or policies. The Board is committed to ensuring that a proper review of concerns raised is undertaken in a timely manner, without the whistleblower being subject to detriment, victimisation or harassment.

BeHonest@Brickworks is an avenue for all current and former directors, officers, employees, contractors, consultants, suppliers and associates of all entities of the Brickworks Group and their relatives and dependants (Reporting Persons) to raise concerns of suspected or actual misconduct which may have a negative effect on the workplace. 

Reporting Persons can contact BeHonest@Brickworks by using the dedicated hotline number, website and e-mail address to report suspected misconduct such as theft, fraud, dishonesty, harassment, unethical behaviour and workplace safety hazards.

24h Toll Free:    1800 116 233 (Australia)          1800 833 1070 (North America)

Email:               behonestbrickworks@deloitte.com.au

Website:          www.behonestbrickworks.deloitte.com.au

Reply Paid:      Deloitte at Brickworks, Reply Paid 12628 A’Beckett Street, VIC 8006 (Australia only)

Contact with BeHonest@Brickworks is administered by Deloitte, where whistleblower’s can choose to remain anonymous.

Brickworks investigates all reports made under this Policy as soon as practicable after the matter has been reported.  Brickworks has appointed a Whistleblower Protection and Investigations Officer (WPIO) who has the responsibility to investigate reports provided by Deloitte’s and who will safeguard the interests of anybody who makes a report.

The Whistleblower Policy is available on the Brickworks internal intranet site and the Brickworks Investor website: www.investor.brickworks.com.au.  The Policy is reviewed by the Board of Directors from time to time so that it remains consistent with ASX corporate governance principles and relevant legislation requirements as well as the changing nature of the Group.

All Brickworks employees are required to undertake annual training on the Whistleblower Policy through an on-line learning platform. Completion of the module is tracked and reported internally.

Click here for the Brickworks Whistleblower Policy.

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