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At Home with Architects | SJB | Tristan Wong
Built with Brickworks is our architectural video series that is designed to provide you with informative and inspiring architectural insights with a focus on project design and material selection.

At Home with Architects | SJB | Tristan Wong

We are pleased to present the second installment of our At Home with Architects speaker series. This series aims to facilitate learning and discussion regarding architecture and the building industry in a manner friendly to the turbulent situation we are currently in. In this episode, we are joined by the director of SJB, Tristan Wong, on a very special day that also happens to be the day his son turns 1. Tristan takes us through the concepts, processes and challenges in the design and development of iconic architectural works in Melbourne’s inner-city suburb of Collingwood. We thank Tristan for sharing his ideas and thoughts, and hope to see and work with him in person soon.

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