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S. anselmo
Italy – inspired, rustic and charming.
Clay bricks and pavers

Italy – inspired, rustic and charming. The unique San Selmo range of Smoked, Reclaimed, Textured and Raw Corso embodies the beauty of brick. With hues that transition from light to dark, tactile finishes, and sizes from conventional to distinctive, the San Selmo range suits all contemporary projects and environments.

La paloma
Characterful, eye-catching and steeped in heritage.
Clay bricks and pavers

Spain – confident, creative and the artistry of Dali, Picasso, Miró, which give inspiration to the soft white and charcoal black bricks of La Paloma and La Paloma Rustico. Characterful, eye-catching and steeped in heritage, they express two striking colours found in the spectrum of fired clay colours, transforming buildings into works of art.

One of the USA’s largest brick manufacturers.
Clay bricks and pavers

Founded in 1890, Glen-Gery is one of the USA’s largest brick manufacturers and operates nine brick manufacturing facilities and one manufactured stone facility. Glen-Gery products are sold nationally through a network of over 500 distributors in the United States and Canada. Glen-Gery is an industry leader for its’ diversified product line of more than 600 brick products, which are available in a wide array of sizes and textures.

Sioux city brick
The nimble and purposeful gathering of integrity, craftsmanship, and high design.
Clay bricks and pavers

For over 100 years, Sioux City Brick, like Glen-Gery, has manufactured brick to the highest industry standards. In 2019, Sioux City Brick became a part of the Glen-Gery family. The focus was, and always will be, to create long-lasting products in a multitude of sizes and shapes with a broad color palette, allowing designers and architects the flexibility to create beautiful, sustainable homes and buildings.

Build a design story worth talking about and worth looking at.
Clay bricks and pavers

Build a design story worth talking about-and worth looking at- with Lawrenceville. Selecting Lawrenceville speaks volumes. It tells people that your building is constructed with materials manufactured to exacting standards. For beauty, quality, comfort, and durability, the choice is Lawrenceville.

Subtly contoured and highly dependable, there's no substitute.
Clay bricks and pavers

Subtly contoured and highly dependable, there's no substitute for the distinctive appeal of genuine molded Cushwa Brick. Homeowners love the look of Cushwa, and builders love the way Cushwa sells their homes. Over the years Cushwa has established a tradition of making only quality brick and is known in the industry for dependability and conformity to architectural specifications. Don't settle for less than genuine Cushwa brick.

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