Dividends are paid in May and November each year. Dividends are paid either by direct credit or cheque, Although all shareholders are encouraged to utilise direct credit for environment and speed of benefit payments.

DividendRecord DatePayment DateAmount per Share(Cents)Franking
2024 Interim10/4/20241/05/202424Fully Franked
2023 Final01/11/202322/11/202342Fully Franked
2023 Interim11/04/202302/05/202323Fully Franked
2022 Final02/11/202223/11/202241Fully Franked
2022 Interim12/04/202103/05/202222Fully Franked
2021 Final03/11/202124/11/202140Fully Franked
2021 Interim13/04/202128/04/202121Fully Franked
2020 Final15/10/202025/11/202039Fully Franked
2020 Interim14/04/202005/05/202020Fully Franked
2019 Final07/11/201927/11/201938Fully Franked
2019 Interim09/04/201930/04/201919Fully Franked
2018 Final08/11/201828/11/201836Fully Franked
2018 Interim10/04/201801/05/201818Fully Franked
2017 Final09/11/201729/11/201734Fully Franked
2017 Interim11/04/201702/05/201717Fully Franked
2016 Final10/11/201630/11/201632Fully Franked
2016 Interim12/04/201603/05/201616Fully Franked
2015 Final05/11/201525/11/201530Fully Franked
2015 Interim14/04/201505/05/201515Fully Franked
2014 Final6/11/201427/11/201428Fully Franked
2014 Interim15/04/20136/05/201414Fully Franked
2013 Final7/11/201328/11/201327Fully Franked
2013 Interim16/04/20137/05/201313.5Fully Franked
2012 Final8/11/201229/11/201227Fully Franked
2012 Interim20/04/201215/05/201213.5Fully Franked
2011 Final23/11/20111/12/201127Fully Franked
2011 Interim28/04/201117/05/201113.5Fully Franked
2010 Final23/11/20101/12/201027Fully Franked
2010 Interim30/04/201020/05/201013Fully Franked
2009 Final25/11/20099/12/200926.5Fully Franked
2009 Interim5/05/200919/05/200912.5Fully Franked
2008 Final26/11/200810/12/200826.5Fully Franked
2008 Interim28/04/200812/05/200812.5Fully Franked


You can view your dividend statement online at any time by following these instructions:

  1. Go to www.computershare.com.au
  2. Select Investor Centre
  3. Sign in or register as a new user.

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