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Brickworks has a Code of Conduct under which all directors, senior management and employees of Brickworks Limited and its controlled entities are expected to operate. This Code is centred on having Brickworks and its employees achieve the highest level of integrity in all our business dealings at all levels of the organisation.  High standards of conduct serve to enhance Brickworks reputation for fair and responsible trading and encourage appropriate behaviour across the business.

The Code of Conduct is based on the Brickworks values, which underpin the way in which we act and behave at Brickworks. They describe what’s important to us, and guide interactions with colleagues, customers, suppliers, contractors and the community. The Brickworks core values are:

  • Care: Sustainable Safe
  • Collaborate: Succeed Together
  • Exceed: Passionately Plan to Win
  • Integrity: I Do What I Say
  • Innovate: Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday
  • Lead: Inspire People
  • Inclusive: Connected Through Diversity

The Code of Conduct outlines a number of fundamental standards to inform and explain expectations of Brickworks employees towards its people, third parties, governments, the community and investors in relation to areas such as: health and safety in the workplace, diversity, acting responsibly on social media, conflicts of interest, upholding bribery and corruption laws, promoting fair competition, prohibiting political donations, ensuring environmental compliance and maintaining confidentiality.

We are committed to generating an environment whereby employees are encouraged to advise senior management of breaches of our Code of Conduct. To assist employees in this process, we have established a Whistleblower Program and confidential whistleblower service utilising external consultants to facilitate the reporting and investigating of breaches of the Code of Conduct. 

All Brickworks employees are required to undertake annual training on the Code of Conduct and anti-competitive conduct through an on-line learning platform. Completion of the module is tracked and reported internally.

Click here for the Brickworks Code of Conduct.

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